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The 7 Rules of Text A Flirting

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From: Wicked Temptations

With exchanges like XOXO (hugs and kisses), French' for French kiss, <3 (heart), or LOML (love of my life), the digital wireless communication is enabling potential partners to make first impressions and helping couples rekindle the passion.

The seven rules of sexting are:

1. Timing is everything
While it can be tempting to respond right away,being overly eager can be a turn off. This is especially true for those just getting to know each other. Rein in your enthusiasm from time to time, using time as a tease in responding to certain text messages (TMs). This makes you appear laid back and easy-going. This increases the perception that you're fun to hang out with, and more...

2. Texting has a curfew
Know that if you TM somebody after 10 pm, it's considered a late-night booty call.

3. Don't beat around the bush
TMs can be easily misunderstood. People like them for the fact they're succinct and direct. You want to flirt, and with that hint. Just don't be cryptic. These are supposed to be time-saving titillations.

4. Don't drink alcohol and text
Getting drunk equals getting stupid. And while it can be funny, it's not so sexy. So stick with sober messages.

5. Avoid breaking major news via text
Texting should not involve first professions of love, marriage proposals or the breaking of bad news.

6. Discretion is the best option
If you're sexting more than one person, do not leave your phone out while on a date. Do not check your phone in front of a date. Turn off your phone if you find yourself having a 'sleepover'.

7. Proofread
Any TMs involving sexual encounters, need to be double-checked. It should be sent to the intended receiver.

Source: ANI