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Text Message Flirting

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Text message flirting is much easier sometimes than doing it in person. A lot of guys and girls find it hard to come up with something right off the top of their heads to say when flirting without sounding silly or feeling odd saying it. So text message flirting helps you to still get it out in the open and do its job, but without the face to face embarrassment if the flirt is not returned.

Text message flirting can be easy to do with the right mind set and rules. Your texts have to stand out if this is the first time you are flirting with someone, so that they respond and are interested. The standard "how are you doing" will not work and is not considered a flirt so give it up before you ever enter a letter in that phone. This is boring and will not get you noticed. Make up a nickname for the person you are flirting with and use it in your text. For example you could use scooterpants, chickadee, speed racer or hair band as nicknames for the person you are texting. Using a nickname will make them wonder why you chose that name and they will respond. Your text message flirting should be fun and playful and not boring or average. You should engage emotions so that the person gets interested in what you are saying, and you should include a reason for the person to respond such as a question. These simple rules will help you to get a response every time, unless of course the person finds out whom you are and is not interested.

When text message flirting, you want to offer a little playfulness so that he or she wants to find out more. For example, you could say "is it hot outside or are you the reason I'm sweating?" There are lots of ways to flirt, but beware that if you are under the age of 18, sexting is illegal. Including any innuendo of a sexual nature can get you a fine and even time in the juvenile court system so it is best to stay away from mentioning body parts or what you want to do to a person in any way, shape or form. Text message flirting is a way of getting a person to acknowledge you as well as return affection without having to say it personally. You can easily ask questions such as "is there ever a day you don't look like you just walked out of heaven?" or "do you wake up looking that good?"

Using your imagination and staying away from corny phrases will help get your foot in the door. Using phrases like "is there a mirror in your pocket, because I see me in your pants" is not a flirt and is quite embarrassing to the person sending it. It's a sad and frankly boring text, so avoid it and all other cheap pick up lines like it. You will catch more bees with honey than with vinegar.
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