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Successful Sexting Rules

By: CHARNEDRA MCCOOK Break Studios Contributing Writer

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The 10 best sexing tips are tips that everyone should use. Using the right words and phrases can surely get your partner in the mood quickly. Learn how to get those hormones rising instantly--be a good sexter.

1. Ask your partner what they have on. Asking your partner what she has on is the best way to start a sexting conversation. It's always great if she responds that she's in her undies.

2. Sext something dirty to your partner. Use dirty words. Don't be afraid of sounding too sexual because that might be just what she need. It's amazing what a couple of words can do.

3. Tell her how bad you want her. Telling your partner you need and want her is a sure way to get them in the mood.

4. Tell her you want to touch her all over. Let your partner imagine being touched or she may even touch herself pretending it is you doing the touching.

5. Sext them moaning words. Use words like "ohhhh" or "ummm." Those words can spark wild desires in your partner.

6. Tell your partner you have nothing on. Even if it's not true, tell her that. People get aroused by imagining others naked. If you're naked at the moment, it makes it even better.

7. Mention her name a lot in sentences. Using your partner's name is a good way to get her aroused. Everyone loves for their name to be called during sex. For example, "Judy, you're a very bad girl and it's turning me on."

8. Tell her things you are imagining. Sexting what you are imagining creates a mutual image for the both of you. This is a great tip when wanting your sexting partner to keep up with you.

9. Tell your partner what you want to do to her. Believe it or not, this makes your sexting partner want you even more. Your partner might even get so aroused she might show up at your front door if the conditions are right.

10. Use exclamation points! Exclamatory phrases are more intense expressions. For example, "You make me feel so good." and "You make me feel so good!!!" Do you see how the first sentence is simple compared to the second one? Exclamation points should be used to express extreme emotion.

Posted on: Apr. 15, 2010